Dessert is usually designated for post-meal time when the “-itis” is kicking in and the turn down is imminent.  But, a Baltimore-based business has created a new type of alcohol-infused ice cream that is perfect for getting the party started.  Introducing WineCream from Crossroad Company.

It all started three years ago during Christmas dinner at the Gorham family home.  When the clan couldn’t decide whether to have more wine or dig into some ice cream, they began to ponder on how they could combine the two.

So, Dan Gorham, an engineer, and his sister Katie, a public health communications specialist at Johns Hopkins went to work.  After about a year of testing and developing, WineCream was born!

The duo started serving their “Delicious, Boozy Dessert” at festivals and private events in 2014 to rave reviews.  Now, the plan is to expand throughout the Maryland/DC area via the freezer aisles of local convenience stores as well as online.

But, the #1 question on everyone’s minds is “Will it get me drunk?”  The answer . . . “Maybe.”

Each dessert is about 10 percent alcohol by volume.  According to FoodandWine, that’s basically just as much alcohol as a normal glass of wine.  So, if you’re really trying to go for it, you can get there.  But, be aware.  WineCream doesn’t use the typical red or white grape base like traditional wines.  Instead, they’ve opted for more fermented fruits like strawberries, peaches, and pineapples.  No worries though.  The liquid nitrogen they use to flash freeze the product and protect its’ sweet taste also preserves the “zing” of the alcohol.

Luckily, if you happen to somehow get too slizzard off of the wine ice cream, there’s another new ice cream on the market that has touted itself with the ability to cure hangovers.

Currently, Crossroad’s online store lists pints of its Chocolate Covered Strawberry and Mixed Berry flavors for $15.  Unfortunately, delivery is only for addresses in Maryland and DC.  And, doubly unfortunate, both flavors are out of stock as of the time of this post.

We know one thing though.  As soon as we can get our hands on some here in Atlanta, we’re diving in face first!