Meet De’ja.  De’ja is a young lady that we were introduced to last night on Twitter via the trending hashtag #EatHerFood2016.  Just like any other normal day, De’ja and her boyfriend Dee Breezy stepped out to grab a bite to eat.  De’ja repeatedly asked Dee Breezy if he was hungry, to which he replied “No”.  She even offered to pay, to which Dee Breezy also declined.  So, De’ja ordered herself a slice of pizza.  But, when the pizza arrived at the table, can you guess who was hungry all of a sudden?  You guessed it!  And, De’ja wasn’t about that share life.  So, then this happened . . .

Now, after watching Dee Breezy’s Snapchat videos AND getting more context from De’ja’s Twitter page, we’re firmly on the side of De’ja.  How dare you touch my food after you’ve stated repeatedly that you aren’t hungry!  It’s MINE!  Sure, it may seem a little petty in the grand scheme of things but it’s the principle of the whole thing!  It’s PRINCIPALITIES in this!

But, alas, we’re sure there’s someone out there who disagrees.  We know that this situation has played out a million times in relationships everywhere and there’s probably a few of you savages that see nothing wrong with what Dee Breezy did.  We wanna hear from you!

Was De’ja right to spaz out over her pizza slice or is all fair in love and food?  To share or not to share.  That is the question.