Rap Snacks potato chips are back!!!  That’s right.  “The Official Snacks of Hip-Hop” are making their way back into the marketplace.  But, this time, they’re armed with new flavors and new faces like Atlanta rap trio Migos and New Jersey rapper/singer Fetty Wap.

Many of you will remember Rap Snacks from back in the day.   They hit the scene around 1994.  They sold them in corner stores and gas stations in the hood for years for like $0.35 a bag.  Back then, they had artists like Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Warren G, and Master P featured on the bags.  Ironically, Master P’s son, Romeo Miller (formerly Lil’ Romeo), who was also featured on the chip bags as a youngster, eventually bought the company in 2007.

But, after Romeo purchased the company, the brand seemed to fade.  Finally, the chips disappeared from stores altogether.  It appeared that Rap Snacks was as dead as crunk music.

But, today is a new day!  With Romeo and the brand’s original founder, James “Fly” Lindsay, in tow, Rap Snacks is officially on the comeback trail.  The chips will resurface on the streets this month with three new flavors – Migos’ “Sour Cream with a Dab of Ranch” (get it, “dab”), Fetty Wap’s “Honey Jalapeno”, and, as you see from the video above, Romeo’s original “BBQin with my Honey.”

Besides the packaging, there’s even more of a Hip-Hop edge to the chips this go round.  By scanning QR codes on the back of the bags, customers will be able to download exclusive songs from participating artists.  As demand for the chips ramps back up, this could become an interesting new marketing ploy for both Rap Snacks and the artists.

All we know is, we can’t wait to secure a bag or two.  We’ve been anxiously watching the Rap Snacks Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in anticipation of the launch.  Wouldn’t it be cool if The Bite Life was the first company to use the #RapSnacksIGotChips hashtag?  We think so!

The only question now is, what flavors will they come up with next?  Maybe they can use our Sound Bites section to get some ideas.  Would you eat Rocko’s “Nachos” flavored chips?  Or Nicki Minaj’s “Truffle Butter” chips?  On second thought, forget that last one.