Is that Ice T?  No, it’s lemonade!  If you watched any amount of Week 1 NFL football on yesterday, then you know how this hilarious episode ends.  In a matter of 30 seconds, insurance giant Geico has managed to resurrect a decades old Hip Hop pun and give it fresh new life.  And, with rapper/actor Ice T in tow delivering his signature scowl and attitude, it is pure comedy gold!

One by one, neighborhood pedestrians curiously continue to stop by a children’s lemonade stand to inquire about what’s behind the table.  The kids seem slightly dumbfounded by how many people seem to want iced tea from their little proprietorship that is clearly marked “Lemonade“.  But, it all makes sense when the camera pans out to reveal the celebrity hanging out behind them.

Ice T annoyingly exclaims, “What’s with these people, man?  LEMONADE!  Read the sign.”

And, just like that, all the 80’s Hip Hop nostalgia comes rushing back.

Admit it.  It feels good to get a taste of the old T back, even if it’s just for a few seconds.  Sure, the commercial was clearly written in jest.  However, seeing something a little more akin to the New Jack City/Trespass vibe and less Detective Tutuola was refreshing.  I know this wasn’t exactly the Darlene in a bathing suit holding a shotgun version of Ice but I’ll take it!

This ad also gave me the chance to remember how people used to joke about rap monikers like Ice T and Ice Cube.  Those jokes, while original at first, eventually became very, VERY corny.  Kinda like when people refer to 50 Cent as “Fiddy”.  I hate those people.

Ice T with Ice Cubes

But, I guess we can now refer to this classic pun as an “oldie but goodie”.  Congrats, Geico!

Check out the #LemonadeNotIceT on Twitter to see other people’s reaction to the ad.