Sauce comes in all kinds of flavors – hot, barbeque, steak, soy, Yum Yum – the list goes on and on.  But, these days, the word has a whole other meaning, and having it is a major key.  So, rapper Jayceon “The Game” Taylor teamed up with Snapchat’s ultimate ambassador DJ Khaled to drizzle some swag gravy for the track “Sauce” off the Cali MC’s forthcoming project 1992.

On the song’s chorus, he exclaims,

“Put some sauce on it

Tell ’em put some sauce on it

I think I put too much sauce on it”

While it might sound like the Bompton MC has just destroyed a perfectly good steak, over doing it is actually a plus in this case.

As usual, Game namedrops his way through the song shouting out everyone from YG, Kendrick Lamar, Nate Dogg, to Nas.  At one point, he even implies that he’s had a Kardashian three-piece without the fries.  WOW!

Later, while continuing to get saucy in the most metaphorical of ways, Game also clues us in to his condiment of choice with the raunchy line, “Tossed the b***h salad last night with no ranch/I like it sweet and sour ‘cause I grew up off of Rosecrans”.

Yeah, that was a little too much information.

Major spillage.