In this day and age, trends come and go.  Social media has a way of heating things up just to watch them flame out shortly thereafter.  And with food, it seems like the hotter the trend, the quicker the burnout.  Remember, just last month, we were having eye-gasms over all things rainbow-colored.  But now, we’ve set our sights higher.  Somewhere over the rainbow, there’s the land far, far away with out of this world desserts.  What started with the “Galaxy Cake” has now spilled over into cookies and confections.  Enter Galaxy Macarons!

This new variation on the classic sandwich cookie will definitely have you seeing stars!  Though the technique of successfully making a French macaron can still challenge even the best pastry chef, it seems that adding that outer space finishing touch is really a snap.

First, you start by painting the night sky colors of crimson, black, purple and deep blue to the inside lining of the pastry bag which is typically used to form the cookie halves on a baking sheet.  Second, place the off-white basic dough (usually made of almond flour, sugar, and foamed egg whites) in the center of the bag.  As the cookie halves are squeezed out of the bag in a circular motion, the streaks of color create a Van Gogh appearance of the night sky on the surface.  Finally, for a sprinkling of stars, lightly rub a pinch of some powdered sugar or edible glitter over the entire tray.   Ahhh-mazing!

With just a little finesse in your touch, you could be popping these out of your oven today.  Think pastels gone Goth, and you’ll have the right idea!  Just think how marvelous it’s gonna be to bring the wonder and delight of an entire galaxy to your very own table.

Make sure you have your camera though.  You’re gonna want the world to see your celestial presentation.  We guarantee it!

Here’s a few examples of what others have done with their galaxy macarons.

We’re in awe of these custom #GalaxyMacarons from @bisousbisouspatisserie. #WestVillageEats

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