Food is a source of pleasure for obvious reasons.  Who among us hasn’t done a little happy dance right before a meal?  But, what if our dining room activities could enhance our bedroom activities?  We’ve identified five fruity aphrodisiacs that will surely add a little more fuel to the fire down below.  Put these fruits on the tip of your tongue and then . . .

Sexy Fruits - Strawberries


Red is known for being a sexy color and a recent study proved that the color red entices arousal in men as opposed to cooler colors like blue or green.  It’s no wonder why strawberries fit the profile for a sexual stimulant.  On top of being red, strawberries contain folic acid and Vitamin B that help to increase sperm count.

Sexy Fruits - Bananas


Nature has a funny sense of humor.  Based on its shape, it is no surprise that bananas are one of the sexier fruits.  But it’s the potassium in the fruit that really give it sexual power.  Potassium is a key nutrient for muscle strength which can benefit both parties.  Women can experience more intense orgasms and men, well, take a hint from the banana.


Sexy Fruits - Pomegranate


Every little seed is bursting with antioxidants which help improve blood quality.  The sweet and tart seeds will get your blood flowing which means extra sensitivity to stimulation.  A study also found that poms increase testosterone levels for both men and women adding to one’s sexual appetite.  More stimulation and more desire—who needs wine, pass the pomegranate juice!

Sexy Fruits - Cherries


When’s the last time you popped a cherry . . . . into your mouth?  These small but mighty aphrodisiacs are a significant source of potassium and antioxidants, which translates into extra strength and sensitivity.  It’s high levels of Vitamin A increase hormone production as well; just think A for arousal.  Summer is cherry season, so grab a bag and maybe a little whipped cream.

Sexy Fruits - Watermelon


When it’s hot, nothing is more refreshing than a bite of juicy watermelon.  That euphoric feeling you get as the juice runs down your hands can be attributed to the heightened levels of nitric oxide in your bloodstream which relaxes blood vessels and increases circulation.  You might want to take a hint from Beyoncé, “I’ve been drinking watermelon…” and fall drunk in love.