Beginning July 20th, Nick Love, the founder of this here site, will be launching a new social initiative called EatDrinkBlack.  This national call to action is to encourages citizens of all races to support black-owned restaurants, bars, and grocers in their local communities.  The goal is to designate at least one day per week as a day for residents to patronize a particular business.  The first official event will take place on Wednesday from 6-9pm at Toppings Pizza Lounge at 495 Whitehall St in downtown Atlanta.

Supporting black businesses has been a hot topic within African-American circles recently.  Rapper Killer Mike was at the forefront of an initiative this week called #BankBlackBankSmallBankLocal.  He urged people to open accounts at local black owned banks like Citizens Trust Bank in Atlanta.  Reports say, his words prompted new accounts to soar at the bank, with nearly $800K in deposits coming in within 5 days.  Love is hoping to do something similar with EatDrinkBlack.

During a recent meeting with the team, Nick told staffers,

“#EatDrinkBlack shouldn’t be perceived as a protest or a response to the events of the past week or so.  I want this to be a proactive movement that becomes a way of life.  Financial empowerment is the key to any community so I want us to urge my friends, family, and peers to spend money in the communities in which they live or came from.”

He went on to say that he hoped that non-African Americans would support the movement as well.  “I’d love to have as many people from other ethnicities participate in this,” he said.  Besides being able to enjoy some quality food and drinks, I think it behooves all of us to mingle, interact, and converse with one another.  Maybe then, we can more truly resemble the melting pot that America markets itself to be.”

For details on upcoming events or to find out how to start an #EatDrinkBlack initiative in your city, follow @eatdrinkblack on Instagram.