On Friday evening after we’d all clocked out for the day, long time friend of The Bite Life, Deuce, or as you may call him, 2 Chainz, announced via his Instagram page that he will be opening a restaurant in downtown Atlanta.  The new eatery/celebrity hot spot will be called Escobar Lounge and we can’t wait to see what the rapper has cooked up.

2 Chainz is no stranger to the culinary world.  As one of our favorite foodies, he’s more than established his love for all things edible.  Whether it’s posting dishes on social media, publishing his #MealTime cookbook, or eating $300 hamburgers with GQ, the man knows his way around a kitchen.  So, this revelation comes as no shock to us.  Honestly, we’re surprised he didn’t do it sooner.

A spokesperson for the company, Giselle Warren, told What Now Atlanta,

“We want [Escobar Lounge] to be one of the top spots for the upscale and celebrity crowd in the city.  2 Chainz has been looking to get into the restaurant industry for a while now, and this is an opportunity to do something unique.”

Escobar Lounge will be located at 327 Peters St in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood of the city.  Fans of the rapper will be keenly familiar with the address because it’s literally a couple of doors down from his infamous Trapavelli pop up store that performed quite well last summer.  If the lines at that store are any indication, this restaurant will be a success.

We just hope he can fare better than some of his other Hip Hop predecessors.  Atlanta has already seen Jermaine Dupri’s restaurant, Cafe Dupri, come to an abrupt end in 2008.  Then, Diddy closed his Justin’s location on Peachtree Street rather unceremoniously back in 2012.  Now currently, rapper TI is embroiled in some legal issues regarding his restaurant.  Sheesh!

But, 2 Chainz has always told us that he was “different“.  We’re counting on him to keep his word.  Truuuuuuu.